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ABCs in my kitchen

ABCs in my kitchen, originally uploaded by Orbitgal.

i love this idea!

bloggin to keep as a reference for when i get back to doing some seroious art and craft stuff!

Send a card to Shane!

Send a card to Shane!, originally uploaded by *jennyb*.

help a little boy achieve a dream!

Gift Tags as well as lots more cards!!

i've now added gift tags to the range as well as lots more cards!!

go on have a look - you might see something you like!!

Its not just christmas cards - cards for all occasions!

and gift tags for christmas - 10 handmade gift tags for £1


Ebay, my biggest seller so far!

sold my keyboard today on ebay - £110!! i'm so pleased, thats more than i've seen others selling the same keyboard get for theirs - most i saw was £103. so feeling quite chuffed. that should restore calm to my bank account, at least til the new year anyway!

all i have to do now is sell the other items and decide if i have anything else worth selling from the car boot leftovers...

2 out of my 4 items are selling but they are only small items - still every penny counts, and in my case it really does!

"egg" cakes

found more that i hadn't posted about!!

whilst making biscuits for the church bazaar i decorated one like an egg and it started off an idea that i developed.... mini egg cakes - i made some for my nan, and my grandfather ate one and was suprised when he tasted sponge not egg!!

here's my collection of "egg" cakes and biscuits so far..


Funky Christmas cakes and sky cakes

while i'm catching up on my picture posting of things i've made - i should really add these as well.

just something i was having a play around with...

all the pictures can be found here:


"Sushi" cakes

these came before the ballet cakes, but i haven't been keeping up to date on here recently so i'm all out of synch!

anyway i wanted to do a sushi themed lunch for us at home but it didn't work out that way as we weren't all around at the same time!

but here and the cakes and then i'll post pics of what the were supposed to be!

i made 3 different colour sponges:

which tunred out like this:

the red i turned into tuna sashimi:

the yellow was for the tamago nigiri, and the rice on the nigiri was the plain sponge the coated in desicated coconut, with coloured ready roll icing for the nori:

and the rest of the plain sponge i used for the inside of the maki rolls, wrapped in coloured ready roll, the ends dipped in desicated coconut and a dried cranberry for the "filling":

and then this is what the were supposed to be:

whilst searching for what the were supposed to be, i came across this: chocolate "sushi"


Ballet cakes for Jenny

Jenny set me the challenge of a ballet themed cake/minicakes.....

no story to go with it - plus i don't have the energy to type one so just some photos...

you'll find the rest of the pictures here....


Christmas cards added!!

i've added christmas cards to the flickr album as well so if you're looking for unique cards have a look!!